About The Author: John Basta

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for more than 20 years, Mr. Basta has years of being the chief financial officer at both small and mid-sized companies.

With experience in real estate investing and business consulting, his short, simple, and smart series are based from his personal experiences and teachings.

“I have decided to write short and easy-to-understand books and offer seminars that make investing, finance, and small business, personal development, and being successful simple, understandable, and easy. These topics have become over-complicated, confusing, and intimidating for many working ‘Joes and ‘Josephines.’ “

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Short. Simple. Smart.

The Four Pillars of Success takes the confusion out of what exactly is necessary for success and explains what you need to do to be successful at anything and how to maintain that success.

The Four Pillars of Success

The Four Pillars of Success

Author: John Basta

Always feel empowered!

Have you read the book “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Secret” or other best selling books about being successful?  Have you attended seminars by Tony Robins, Jim Rohn or other great motivational speakers?  These types of books and seminars make you feel empowered and motivated but unfortunately those feelings fade after a couple of weeks.  You ask yourself “what can I do to get that feeling of empowerment and success back?”  One effective option is the book “The Four Pillars of Success” (positive mindset, passion, persistence and personal commitment).   The book defines what a positive mindset is, how you can develop it, and provides the tools and actions necessary to maintain the mindset.  Also, the pillars of passion, persistence and personal commitment are reviewed for additional insights.

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The Four Pillars of Success Seminar.  John is a motivational speaker available for your meetings, conferences, or special events.

This one-day private seminar is an interactive experience between the audience and the moderator where all questions are answered and additional information about the Four Pillars and their implementation is provided.

The Four Pillars Seminar is available for $6995, plus travel and lodging (if necessary). In order to schedule a seminar, a deposit of $3500 is required.

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Individual Success and Goal Achievement Coaching

Individual coaching/mentoring by John or members of his team for the journey to success and goal accomplishment.  The rate is $195/hr with a one hour minimum.

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